A Few Recent Thoughts…

The artist is the one who has found an Archimedean point to stand on and regard all that is going on and see it as it is, without any subjectivity towards it. I stand above modern society and I see boredom, or as the philosophers call it ennui. In every nook and corner I look in people are bored. They do all sorts of things to escape boredom… drinking, having sex, drugs to name the three most popular choices. Too bad that none of these solutions seem to work, and every time they require a more extreme form to repel the demon of ennui. The state of the modern world is pathological, in that it requires medical attention. If you think the average man is something other than a psychopath, then you are terribly deluded. I call modern man psychotic because he has no balance… always searching for more extreme experiences than those he had before to spice up an existence that is empty and boring… His delusion being that more extreme experiences will be able to shatter his boredom. But his life will remain as empty as it was before, or as Kurtz put it in “The Heart of Darkness” a “horror” whose end is with the individuals own death.

The artist is the man who, when he looks at two people having sex, sees nothing different than when he looks at the pistons of an engine coming in and out. He looks at it confused… Freud told the world that sexuality is the key to what man is, that it contains man’s deepest secrets. But the artist looks at it and is befuddled… what great secret did this man see here? Surely he has managed to persuade the whole world, but he must have been deluded, for he only contributed to mechanizing reproduction. He was a conman, no different than your average drug dealer, just promoting a different drug. In essence there is no difference between the drug experience, the sex experience, the drinking experience, the smoking experience or any other experience for that matter. The only thing that seems to matter is how “out of ordinary” the experience is for the individual. The more out of ordinary, the more he seems to believe it will be able to shatter his existential boredom and somehow make his life meaningful.

Our mission is to fulfill the project that began with the Enlightenment. We aim for the complete demystification of all that is worldly. This does not entail a denial of the mystical, but the mystical, as Ludwig Wittgenstein noted, is that of which we cannot talk about and therefore must remain silent. But that of which we can talk about, that we must set straight. There’s nothing mystical in sex, parents should tell their children about it straight away. Gone are the days of the stork that brought the baby and all that bullshit. Gone will be the days of adolescent obsession about sex, after all no one is obsessed about candy since there is no mystery in it. There’s nothing mystical in drinking. Parents should let their children drink whenever they want to. And there’s nothing mystical in drugs. People should be able to go to a hospital and ask for a drug experience, and it should all be legal.

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